Indiana Alcohol / Server Certification Course

Indiana has various laws regulating the legal age an individual needs to be to consume, sell, or serve alcoholic beverages and other regulations regarding the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. Within Indiana, the legal age to consume alcoholic beverages is 21. There are also rules and regulations regarding what is required to become a bartender in Indiana. You can serve alcohol at ages 19 and 20 with restrictions, but generally 21 years of age is required to serve alcohol in the State of Indiana.

Indiana requires that all alcohol sellers/servers and bartenders become certified. Indiana Server Certification (Responsible Serving Certification) is offered here, through ZEDFLY, LLC , a licensed trainer in the State of Indiana.

Certification in Indiana
The Indiana Alcohol Seller / Server Certification Course for bartenders, sellers, and servers will go over all the required information for learning to sell and serve alcohol in Indiana and provide state-specific certification. The Indiana course will cover topics such as how to spot someone who has been drinking too much, How to properly check IDs, and the responsibilities/liabilities of the server. The Indiana Responsible Serving course features interactive learning through audio, videos, and text. Each lesson of the course deals with different areas that a bartender, seller, or server in Indiana needs to be familiar with. At the end of each lesson, a review will help with retention of the important details. To test your knowledge, an exam is provided at the end of the course.

Indiana regulations are governed by the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.

General Information
This course is set up to allow you to advance your knowledge of alcohol service, through easy-to-master lessons. As you move through the course, you will learn specific and detailed information about how to serve alcohol responsibly and learn the regulations for bartenders, sellers, and servers in Indiana.

We offer convenient locations and courses at least once per month. If you have a staff or event and would like us to hold a course at a specific location, please contact us to arrange a training course for your team.

Why Do I Need This ?
The Indiana State Excise Police offer statewide public information programs targeted at increasing awareness to the public and the industry regarding alcohol and tobacco sales. State-Certified Third Party Trainers like ZEDFLY, LLC conduct server training programs to educate those who serve alcoholic beverages and/or sell tobacco products. The server training program provides an overview of the criminal, civil and administrative liabilities connected with the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. Recognizing false or altered identification, refusing service to intoxicated patrons and giving the employee a good working knowledge of all Indiana laws regarding alcohol and tobacco sales is a major part of the Server Training Program.     

What will I get when I complete the course?
This course will take about 2 hours to complete. After successful completion of the course and exam, you will receive a Letter Of Completion with the date of the training. This document should be kept by the employee and copies provided to all employers as needed.

If I Am a Volunteer Permit or Temporary Employee Permit Holder, Do I Need This Course ?
Technically, a Volunteer (not paid) who works less than 120 days a year, does not need this course. The Temporary Employee Permit is event specific and by its design can be paid for the event but the event is typically 3-7 days so therefore they also would not be required to take this course. HOWEVER, Since the course offers information on Indiana laws as well as alcohol-related situations, it may still be an important tool to heighten your overall knowledge and awareness.

Acceptable Forms of ID (required at the start of the course):
Any valid driver's license containing a picture, and date of birth, issued by any state or United States Territory. Also, a state issued ID or valid Military identification card is acceptable. You can also provide a valid Passport. NOTE: ALL ID'S MUST BE VALID ,MEANING NOT EXPIRED, AND MUST MATCH THE PERSON TAKING THE COURSE.

The cost of certification in Indiana through this instructor-led course is $20.00. Preferred method of payment is Cash, Certified Bank or Business Check or Money Order. Please note, this required training does not provide the state-issued bartender/server license.  We have forms available to request a license after training, or visit the Indiana ATC website.